Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Every Laramie Democrat has the opportunity to become more involved with the Party by signing up as a Committee member. Our committees advance our goals of increasing Party membership, voter turnout, donations, community outreach, and Democrats in office.

Contact the Committee Chair for more information and on how to join.


Candidate Recruitment Committee

The Candidate Recruitment Committee is responsible for recognizing and recruiting Democratic leaders and activists to run for office.

Community Involvement Committee

The Community Involvement Committee is responsible for building a more visible presence of the County Party and stronger relationships with the broader community and local businesses.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for working with the County Treasurer in spearheading fundraising efforts, donor research and outreach.

Get Out the Vote Committee

The GOTV Committee is responsible for increasing County Party membership, voter registration, and voter turnout.


Laramie County Democratic Party

Proudly Progressive. Definitely Democrat.

Wyoming Democrats are committed to equal opportunity across our society. We believe public policy should foster an economic, social and institutional environment in which all individuals have the opportunity to purse life, liberty, and happiness to the full extent of their abilities.

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