Who We Are

Who We Are

A Common Sense Vision for Laramie County

The Laramie County Democratic Party works to promote Democratic key principles of inclusion and opportunity. Our party is dedicated to serving the people and investing in the future, so everyone in the state can get ahead. We believe that fairness and hardwork are Wyoming values, and that a common sense approach means striking a balance between sticking to traditional roots and bringing new voices to the table.

Our party is driven by these fundamental principles for all Wyoming citizens:

  • Economic advancement
  • Quality education
  • Civil and constitutional rights
  • Environmental protection and improvement
  • Necessary social services and healthcare

The Laramie Democratic Party is a chapter of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

Our County

Laramie County is the most populous county totaling over 95,000 residents and contains nearly 16% of all registered voters in Wyoming. The county is divided into 7 different legislative districts that represent 61 precincts within the county. The Laramie Democratic Party represents the largest community of Democrats in Wyoming with more than 7,500 members and 5 members holding public office. We hold monthly meetings, nominate, endorse and campaign for local candidates, recruit and manage precinct committee officers, pass resolutions, and uphold our state and county party platforms and bylaws.

Our Citybuffalo

Cheyenne is classified as a First Class City under Wyoming statutes and houses the Wyoming State Legislature and the office of the Governor of Wyoming. In the special election of June 22, 1971, Cheyenne residents voted for and established a mayor-council form of government. The mayor is elected every 4 years while 3 council members are elected from each of 3 urban wards on a staggered basis.


Laramie County Democratic Party

Proudly Progressive. Definitely Democrat.

Wyoming Democrats are committed to equal opportunity across our society. We believe public policy should foster an economic, social and institutional environment in which all individuals have the opportunity to purse life, liberty, and happiness to the full extent of their abilities.

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 2896
Cheyenne, WY 82003

www.laramiedemocrats.org | laramiedems@gmail.com

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