Opportunity and Inclusion

Wyoming Democrats have a proud history of defending the rights of citizens and expanding opportunity for all people in Wyoming.

From the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, Democrats have fought to end discrimination in all forms. For too many hard working Wyomingites, though, this ideal is still far from a reality. We will fight Republican attempts to rob laborers of fair wages and we will fight to ensure that LGBT Wyomingites are judged solely on the merits of their work. Democrats will always stand up for those who continue to be denied their basic civil rights.

Equal work demands equal pay. Women in Wyoming make, on average, 68 cents for every dollar a man makes. Wyoming ranks 49th in the country for our gender pay gap. As a state with a strong history of leading the country on women’s rights; Wyoming should lead the way on gender equality, not come in at the back of the line when our hard working women and families need us most.

We support the ratification and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” We believe, along with the majority of Wyomingites, that men and women should be equal under the law and that this should be supported in our nation’s constitution.

Nondiscrimination Employment Protections. By not having a policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, the state is only adding to our burden of recruiting top talent to our state. Taking part in any discrimination isn’t just wrong. It’s bad business. It’s time to add protections to the law so that without one dollar of economic development or taxpayer funds spent, we can help Wyoming be competitive for needed workers in tourism, energy, technology and all sectors


Wyoming Democrats believe that public lands belong to the public and not the highest bidder. Our protected spaces provide important recreation areas for sportsmen, hikers, and campers from across the state. They also provide important habitat for wyoming’s flora and fauna. Our lands need custodians and not developers.

Our public lands are more than just scenery, they are our heritage and need to be protected for posterity.

Keep Public Lands in Public Hands. Despite overwhelming evidence that selling our public lands would be catastrophic, Republicans still believe selling the people’s land to the highest bidder will help our economy and our state. We can not overstate how disastrous this decision would be for all who use public lands to hunt, fish, camp, and hike. Millions of acres that belong to the citizens of the United States would suddenly fall to private interests and developers. Public lands need to stay in public hands.

Stewardship of the land. Land is perhaps Wyoming’s greatest and most enduring natural resource. Public stewardship of the land ensures the mountains, streams and other places we love will not only endure, but flourish.

Democrats have and continue to reaffirm the belief that we can’t misuse and mismanage our land. “The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt



The Wyoming Democratic Party knows that access to healthcare should be every Wyomingites’ right. Through affordable consumer options and responsible financial decisions, we believe no Wyomingite should be left out in the rain.

Expand Medicaid. The benefits that it would provide for over 17,000 hard working Wyomingites would improve their quality of life immeasurably by providing them stability in case of catastrophic health problems. Some estimates show that 111 people in the state of Wyoming die every year because they lack the healthcare benefits that expansion would provide. In the case of medicaid expansion, the federal government will pay 100 % of the cost of the expansion for the first 2 years and Wyoming will never be responsible for more than 90% of the cost. The Wyoming Democratic Party stands for responsible policies that benefits hardworking Wyomingites.

Mental Health. With Wyoming’s high rate of suicide it is important to also provide comprehensive and easy to access mental care. Suicide has touched almost all of us in some form or another. With the right programs and tools, we can raise suicide awareness and save lives. Resources that can help lift our friends and loved ones out of suicidal thought can easily be expanded. Just because mental health isn’t as visible doesn’t mean it should take months to get the care anyone needs.

Women’s Health. National dialogues have also erupted over women’s health, which we believe receives far less attention than it deserves. It is our responsibility as Democrats to help develop women’s health services, which includes reproductive health and cancer screenings. Attempts to rob women of reproductive rights and health serves elitist republicans and their unfair agenda.


Wyoming Democrats share a commitment to prepare our children for success through a first-rate education, hands on engagement and appropriate funding. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is the key to our state’s economic present and future as we continue to move into the 21st century economy.

Support common sense approach to education. Our students deserve the best education from kindergarten to college. Education standards are constantly evolving and ensuring our students have access to the latest and best education material. Economies only grow when an educated and motivated workforce is behind them. We have an obligation to ensure that our students are gaining the knowledge necessary for higher education and future careers. Schools needs continue to grow and that includes adequate nutrition and proper safety standards. Children can’t learn if they’re hungry and our schools aren’t safe.

Cradle to Career. In today’s educational environment we need to consider and expand the opportunities for childhood advancement in pre-k programs and grow a more robust community college system that meets our immediate workforce needs as well as prepares our students for transfer to the University of Wyoming. We also need to prepare and expand our top notch research university as it takes on more students and minds.

Make Wyoming Teacher Friendly. In the midst of the mandatory 5 year RE-CALIBRATION we are looking to assure the highest quality education through the recruitment and retention of the highest quality teachers. Schools demand adequate funding for state of the art technology and up to date curricular needs, and every Wyoming student needs the best we can offer them to academically flourish.

Education is and will be the cornerstone of the future Wyoming.