Section 1 – Name

The Laramie County Democratic Party shall be known as Laramie County Democrats (herein after referred to as the “LCD”).

Section 2 – General

The Democratic State Central Committee shall direct the operations of the Wyoming Democratic Party as provided for by the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party and by the direction of the Wyoming Democratic State Convention.

Section 3 – Compliance

The Bylaws of the LCED shall comply with those adopted by the Wyoming Democratic Party.  Where any conflict of directions should occur, the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party shall take precedence over the Bylaws of the Laramie County Democrats.  Those persons who have registered as Democrats to vote in Laramie County, Wyoming, shall be members of the LCD.


Section 1 – Powers and Duties

                The LCD Central Committee shall:

A.      The LCD Central Committee shall assist the Wyoming Democratic State Central Committee in Laramie County as provided for by the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party,

B.      Perform all duties and functions required by law, the bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party and these bylaws.

C.      Have the governing power of the Democratic Party in Laramie County in accordance with these bylaws, but remain subject to the direction of the Wyoming Democratic Party State Convention, the Democratic State Central Committee and the bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party on matters of statewide concern.

Section 2 – Membership and Meetings

                The LCDE Central Committee shall consist of:

A.       Precinct committeeman and committeewomen elected in the county at the regular biennial primary election and at LCD Central Committee meetings pursuant to Article V, Section 1C of the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

All Meetings of the LCD Central Committee shall:

B.       Be open to all members of the Democratic Party without any discrimination based upon and regardless of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, ethnic identity, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or philosophical persuasion, and any such discrimination is prohibited.

C.      Be open to the public and public involvement is strongly encouraged.  The bylaws of the LCD strongly support Article VII, Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party in regard to an open party with no discrimination tolerated.

D.      A majority of the delegates to the county convention shall constitute a quorum and a majority of the members attending an LCD Central Committee meeting, a roll call of the members shall be made, and a record shall be made of those present in person or by proxy.

Section 3 – Organization and Election of Officers

The LCD Central Committee shall meet at the county seat during the month of March of each odd-numbered year at a time and place determined by the LCD Chair.

A.       The elected Chair shall mail notice of the meeting to the Laramie County Clerk not less than ten days before this meeting.  At the meeting, the LCD Central Committee shall elect a Chair, a Vice-Chair (who shall be the opposite gender of the Chair), a Treasurer, a Communications Director, a State Committeeman, and a State Committeewoman.

B.      In order to be considered for election, these officers need not be a member of the LCD Central Committee, but each must be a qualified Democratic voter of and reside in Laramie County and have an active interest in the LCD.  They shall serve for a term of two years or until successors are elected and qualified.  The County officers, the State Committeeman and the State Committeewoman shall be voting members of the LCD Central Committee.  However, no voting member of the LCD Central Committee shall have more than one vote.

Section 4 – Officers

The elected officers of the LCDE shall enforce the adopted bylaws and rules approved by the central committee, and, perform the duties specific to each office as designated in the bylaws.


A.       The LCD Chair shall:

i.                     Have all the general powers of supervision and management usually vested in the office of the Chair, not inconsistent with these bylaws;

ii.                   Be the executive officer of the LCD, and shall preside at all meetings of the LCD Central Committee, and shall ensure that all orders of such committee are carried into effect;

iii.                 Conduct all LCD campaigns approved by the LCD Central Committee;

iv.                 Coordinate the management of the LCD Central Committee funds with the elected LCD Treasurer.  Jointly, the LCD Chair and Treasurer will keep a record of all funds received and disbursed, and report the same to the LCD Central Committee upon request;

a)        Funds of the LCD Central Committee shall be spent only on the specific and personal authorization of the LCD Chair; and,

b)      The Chair may cosign checks of the LCD Central Committee.  No authorization shall be given for deficiency spending.

B.      The LCD Vice-Chair shall:

i.                     Perform duties and functions as required by law and by these bylaws;

ii.                   Be of the opposite gender of the Chair;

iii.                 Perform the duties and exercise the powers of the LCD Chair during the absence or disability of the Chair; and,

iv.                 Perform such other duties as requested.

C.      The LCD Treasurer shall:

i.                     Perform duties and functions as required by law and by these bylaws;

ii.                   Assist the LCD Chair in duties relative to fundraising and the custody, reporting, record keeping, an expenditure of the money of the LCD Central Committee as requested by the Chair;

iii.                 Be required to furnish bond, at the discretion of the Chair; and,

iv.                 Cosign checks for the LCD Central Committee.

D.      The LCD Communications Director shall:

i.                   Perform duties and functions as required by law and by these bylaws

ii.     Keep minutes of all meetings of the LCD Central committee and of all subcommittees of which the Communications Director is a member;

iii.    Furnish copies of minutes of all such meetings to members of the respective committees and subcommittees upon request within thirty days after each meeting; and,

iv.   Perform such duties as requested.

E.       In the event of a vacancy in the office of the LCD Chair due to death, resignation, or loss of qualification, the LCDE Vice-Chair shall become the LCD Chair for the balance of the unexpired term of the Chair.  Vacancies among other LCD party offices shall be filled by election at the meeting of the LCD Central committee held after the vacancy occurs.

Section 5 – Vacancies and Appointments

                Pursuant to W.S. 22-4-103 and the Bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party the following actions are authorized should a precinct committeeman or committeewoman vacancy occur:

                A.            A vacancy in the county central committee shall occur in the cases of :  death,

                                i.              resignation,

                                ii.             failure to be elected to a precinct committee position

                                iii.            Removal of residence from the precinct

                B.            A vacancy shall be filled by the LCD Central Committee by election of a registered elector resident in the precinct in which the vacancy exists and registered in the party or as provided by the bylaws of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

                C.            The LCD Chair, with the approval of the LCD Central Committee, may appoint a Democrat registered and residing in the precinct to fill such a vacancy.  Notice of any said appointment shall be report to the Laramie County Clerk within ten (10) days after the appointment.  For voting purposes, any voting members of the LCDE Central committee must be appointed or elected at the previous meeting held.

Section 6 – Meetings, Notices, and Publications

                                The LCD Central committee shall meet and organize under the direction of the LCD Chair  at a time and place determined by the Chair.  The Chair shall also publish a notice of all meetings of the LCD Central Committee in a newspaper of general circulation not less than two days prior to a meeting.

                A.            Notice shall be provided to all members of the LCD Central Committee not less than five days prior to the regular meeting.

                B.            Special meetings may be held on call of the Chair not less than five days after notice to the LCD Central Committee members.

                C.            Each LCD Central Committee Member may request notice via electronic mail or regular mail.

Section 7 – Proxies

                Members of the LCD Central Committee may:

                A.            Deputize, by signed proxy, a substitute to act for them at any meeting, but such  substitutes must be registered Democrats residing in the precinct that their principals represent.

                B.            Any member may vote one’s own and two additional proxies from the same precinct.  A proxy holder who is not a member of the LCD Central Committee shall have only the maximum of two proxy votes and shall not be entitled to vole his/her own vote.

Section 8 – Subcommittees

                                Subcommittees may be appointed by the LCD Chair to assist in the Chair’s duties as necessary.  Such subcommittees shall meet at the Chair’s call or as necessary.

Section 9 – Clubs

                                The LCD Central committee may authorize and establish Democratic clubs or organizations.  They may form and operate under their own rules and regulations, but such rules and regulations must be consistent with these bylaws.


Section 1 – Powers and Duties

                The Laramie County Democratic Convention may adopt a Laramie County Party Platform and resolutions, select delegates and alternates to the Wyoming Democratic State Convention, and perform other duties and functions as required by law and these bylaws.






            The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the United States and in the State of Wyoming. We do not look to the past or fear change.  We proudly seek progress.  We work for the good of our fellow citizens and proudly proclaim, “We are the party of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

            To carry out this mandate, we dedicate this Platform to the following principles:

                        1.         Economic advancement for all Wyoming citizens;

                        2.         A quality education for all Wyoming citizens;

                        3.         Civil and Constitutional rights for all Wyoming citizens;

                        4.         Environmental protection on behalf of all Wyoming citizens; and

                        5.         Necessary social services for all Wyoming citizens.

            We can only achieve these goals by electing more Democrats to the Wyoming Legislature, and local and national offices.  As Laramie County and Wyoming Democrats, we pledge our effort, time, labor, and support to Democratic candidates.  Their election is a critical step in achieving our goals, advancing our principles, and making Laramie County and Wyoming a better place for all.

We support the Wyoming Constitution as written and further encourage and support that all public meetings be open to all citizens.

            As we go forward in this important election year, the Laramie County Democratic Party will fight every battle, and take whatever steps necessary to achieve our goals.  Each of us must do our part and we must work together.  In doing so, the Laramie County and Wyoming Democratic Parties will help Wyoming become a stronger, more vibrant and progressive state.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party commends the efforts of its active members, especially those holding public office.



            The Laramie County Democratic Party appreciates the diversity of our citizens and encourages all citizens to seek elective office at the municipal, county, state, and federal level as well as local, state and federal boards and commissions. We encourage and will support in the 2016 general election Democratic candidates for these offices.

            We support transparency in government at all levels including adherence to all public meeting and open government laws.

            The Laramie County Democratic Party opposes the ruling by the United States Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which radically reverses well-established law and erodes a wall that has stood for a century between corporations and electoral politics. The ruling allows corporations and lobbying groups the ability to use their virtually unlimited financial resources to influence elections and legislation. We believe this ruling is a blow to democracy and must be reversed and we must call for a Constitutional amendment to correct this.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party believes a strong, growing economy provides citizens with the great American promise of a better life for all who work for it.  We believe this opportunity starts with a job that provides a living wage.  We recognize that a healthy Wyoming economy cannot be developed without a coordinated partnership between the public and private sectors. We must assure higher education institutions are equipped with up-to-date resources available to prepare Wyoming students for today’s job market. We recognize a healthy economy is dependent on our ability to broaden and diversify our economic opportunities. Economic development must emphasize well-paying jobs with full benefits, rather than job creation that exploits our citizens through low wages with inadequate or non-existent benefits.  With these principles in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions: 

        1.         We strongly support the creation of good paying jobs. 

        2.         We strongly support economic development and job growth to improve the business climate and diversify the Wyoming economy. 

        3.         We strongly support economic development that promotes socially and environmentally responsible job creation.

        4.         We reaffirm our commitment to the principles of collective bargaining for all workers including those in the public sector. We recognize the rights of all private and public sector employees in Wyoming to elect to collectively bargain over pay, benefits, and working conditions.  We strongly support the concepts of majority rule and a relationship between employees and employers that is open and free while strongly protecting the rights of the minority. We strongly support the repeal of Wyoming’s “Right to Work” law.

         5.        We urge the Wyoming Legislature to strengthen and improve the prevailing wage laws to include any publicly funded projects and all public employees.  We encourage the retention of the national Davis-Bacon Act and the effective enforcement of both Wyoming’s prevailing wage laws and the Davis-Bacon Act.

          6.         We recognize many Wyoming workers struggle with poverty and find their wages are below the self-sufficiency standard.  Many families are unable to afford food, housing, childcare, health insurance and transportation without working multiple jobs and/or seeking public assistance.  In order for Wyoming workers to receive adequate wages, we advocate passage of legislation to raise Wyoming’s minimum wage to a living wage level and, at the least, to the current federal minimum wage and we urge efforts to increase the Federal Minimum Wage and index all minimum wages to inflation.

        7.         We strongly support elimination of tip credit reduction of minimum wage earned by certain employees in Wyoming.

         8.         We believe fair treatment and due process for workers is critical to building a competent and stable workforce.  We condemn Wyoming’s “employment at will” doctrine and urge passage of laws requiring just cause for job termination or discipline of Wyoming workers.   

          9.         We deplore Wyoming’s poor record on worker safety and strongly support programs and legislation that will enhance inspection and enforcement, promote cooperative programs for compliance assistance and increase penalties for safety violations.

         10.       We reject discrimination in any form in the workplace. 

         11.      We believe we should live up to Wyoming’s motto as the “Equality State.” Therefore, we urge the legislature to enact laws providing for gender equity in pay and call upon both public and private sector employers to commit to equal pay for equal work.

          12.       We strongly support non-discrimination laws and practices that include both sexual orientation and gender identity or expression or physical disorders of sex differentiation (DSD) as well as the passage of local non-discrimination ordinances until the state passes state-wide non-discrimination statutes.

           13.       We recognize that privatization of public services leads to the erosion of the public welfare as well as degraded services, lower wages and benefits, and the loss of control of public services by the people. We strongly oppose privatization of public services.

            14.       We strongly support legislation that will provide sufficient increases in revenue to allow the state, cities, counties and school districts to provide the services required by Wyoming citizens.  Adequate funding levels in Wyoming can be maintained by the assessment of a progressive tax structure for citizens, businesses, and extraction industries, along with raising of the severance taxes and stringent enforcement of tax collection.

             15.       We favor legislation that discourages corporations and businesses operating in Wyoming from pursuing gains at the expense of employees, communities and the environment. Many corporations and businesses maximize profits without passing along benefits and wage increases to employees.   Highly publicized corporate ethics problems highlight the need for a “Code of Corporate Responsibility.”  We believe Wyoming’s Workers’ Compensation laws need to protect injured employees, not just employers.

             16.       We oppose dishonest efforts to eliminate well-funded and stable defined benefit programs in the name of such Trojan Horses as “Pension Reform.” We encourage the Wyoming Legislature to work closely with public employees to develop procedures to mitigate underfunding of employee pensions. We encourage the Legislature to develop budgeting procedures ensuring all mandates, including pension funding and healthcare plans, are fully funded before excess funds are contributed to state “rainy day” or other trust funds.

               17.       We promote the creation of and legal support for worker-owned and managed cooperative businesses. If a business shuts down production in Wyoming to move elsewhere, provide employees opportunity to buy means of production themselves in order to establish a cooperative business.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party recognizes and acknowledges that it is imperative to the present and future development and prosperity of the State of Wyoming, that crucial infrastructure such as transportation systems be funded, enhanced and supported in a singular and predictable manner.  A multi-modal approach to transportation is needed. It should include roads, airports, railroads, and a nationwide rapid-train system.  We further believe that it is imperative to develop a comprehensive communications infrastructure in our rural state providing full internet access and connectivity for all citizens.  


            The Laramie County Democratic Party recognizes that a democratic republic requires an educated citizenry.  All Wyoming citizens share the responsibility of providing a practical and meaningful education system, not only to enhance individual lives, but also to promote an informed and able workforce as well as literate, informed voters. We believe education is the key to acquiring economic security, developing individual freedom, and restoring community hope. The Wyoming Constitution provides that all people are entitled to a free and affordable public education to enable them to achieve their highest potential.  In addition, higher education should be “nearly as free as possible,” as required by the Wyoming Constitution.  We strongly support the strengthening of the public education system, from pre-school through post-secondary levels, in order to prepare future generations to meet the challenges ahead.  With these principles in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions: 

              1.        We strongly support a permanent, stable, and equitable source of funding to provide for student needs, an educational environment that promotes the best possible academic results, staff development, employee compensation benefits, and extended day programs.

              2.        We strongly support a school capital construction system that is financially stable and predictable, is fully funded and equitable for all public schools, and that allows construction of schools that reflect the unique needs of each community.

             3.        We strongly support an educational and school transportation environment free from fear and bias for both students and employees, and which incorporates an anti-bullying program.  We support a school climate which promotes tolerance and provides courses addressing cultural differences and a better understanding of freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions.   

            4.         We strongly support the separation of church and state within the school system and oppose requiring student participation in any religious activity or placing the burden of refusal on the student.  We also support the policy that no student shall be denied the right to participate in any activity at a public school based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, handicap, birth defect (DSD), or national origin.

              5.        Education in the earliest years of a child’s life being critical, we strongly support the provision of affordable and accessible early childhood education for all Wyoming children, including expansion and improved preschool and Head Start initiatives.

              6.        We strongly support low student/teacher ratios, and equal access to technology as necessary for a quality education for all Wyoming students.

              7.        We believe in the potential of every child.  Accordingly, we strongly support appropriate educational opportunities tailored to the individual talents of all Wyoming students, including at-risk, challenged, and high-achieving students.

              8.        We strongly support programs that will improve the graduation rates of Wyoming students without sacrificing educational standards.

            9.         Every child who wishes to go to college should be given this opportunity.  We strongly support the availability of post-secondary and lifelong education for all.  Affordable need-based grants and loans and other financial assistance must be made available for these purposes. We strongly support the Hathaway Scholarship and Education Merit Scholarship. We believe the Hathaway and Education Merit Scholarships should be accessible to all Wyoming students, including undocumented students. Any child on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) actively seeking a Hathaway Scholarship or Education Merit Scholarship shall not be involuntarily graduated until the scholarship requirements are completed.

              10.      We strongly support nationally competitive salaries and annual external cost adjustments in order to attract and retain quality educators.

              11.      Certification standards for teachers, administrators, and specialists, to promote quality instruction for all students, must be maintained.

              12.      We strongly object to the diversion of public funds for private or charter schools through vouchers or tuition tax credit plans.

              13.      We strongly support the continuation of physical education and fine and performing arts programs that aid in the physical and cultural advancement of students.

              14.      We strongly support making a diverse array of clubs, extra-curricular activities and vocational learning opportunities available to all students.

              15.      We strongly support free school breakfast and lunch for all K-12 students.

             16.      We strongly support diverse instruction and multiple measures of achievement focused on the growth of individual students. Accordingly, we support the abolishment of the use of “high stakes” testing as the sole determinant of individual, group, or institutional success; the elimination of sanctions and penalties based on student standardized assessment achievement; and opposition to testing that encourages and rewards curriculums, which “teach to the test.”  As an alternative, we favor diagnostic tools, which determine where the administration needs additional support and resources to develop a quality educational program.

            17.       We support a robust and fully funded university and community college system that provides adequate facilities and a comprehensive breadth of academic disciplines to enable students to find fulfillment and viability in the workplace and in society.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party believes healthcare is a human right. We must strengthen and expand programs to protect the health of all Wyoming citizens.  With these principles in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions: 

           1.         We strongly support public funding for a single universal equitable health care system that ensures economic stability for families, and provides for senior citizens, the economically disadvantaged, and our most vulnerable citizens.

            2.         We support moving to a single payer system covering all Americans without regard to any social status.

            3.         We strongly support the expansion of Medicaid for Wyoming as outlined in the Affordable Care Act.  

           4.         Health care for women should include access to the full range of reproductive health care options, regardless of socioeconomic status. We strongly support free and equal access to confidential family planning as a vital component of health care, which includes fact-based, age-appropriate comprehensive sex education and pregnancy prevention services.  We further believe that a woman’s fundamental right to choose must be maintained.

            5.         We strongly support public funding for research and education to promote health and prevent disease including the imperative role that stem cell research plays in finding cures.

            6.         We strongly support a culture of safety within the health care system and avoidance of medical errors.

            7.         We strongly support continuing education and proper licensure and oversight of our valued healthcare workers.

            8.         We strongly support comprehensive programs for education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for the adverse impacts of alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.

             9.         We strongly support ensuring the stabilization of drug prices, including generic products.

            10.       We strongly support age-appropriate sex education reform to educate students on consent, relationships, birth control methods, sexual orientation, gender identity, in addition to the current curriculum.

            11.       We strongly support programs and funding of programs to give the support to our military members and veterans in order to receive services related to all mental health issues.

            12.       We strongly support legislation on the moral principle of terminally ill patients’ right to die with dignity.

            13.       We strongly support addressing Wyoming citizens’ widespread Vitamin D deficiency in a prompt and effective manner.


The Laramie County Democratic Party believes we must strengthen and expand programs to protect the social well-being of all Wyoming citizens.  With this principle in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions: 

            1.         We strongly support policies designed to reduce growing social and economic inequality, as inequality reduces social and political cohesion.

            2.       We strongly support fully funding programs increasing awareness and understanding of social issues which can adversely affect Wyoming citizens of any age; i.e., bullying, intolerance, anger, depression, suicide, and domestic violence.

            3.         We strongly support proper funding of programs for research, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, including victim shelters, for domestic violence.  We support funding for appropriate law enforcement training.

            4.         Recognizing both the quality of life and economic impact the arts have on Wyoming’s citizens, we strongly support funding for public media, the visual, performing, and literary arts, and encourage the Wyoming Arts Council to develop additional public/private initiatives to fund and develop local artists.

            5.         We strongly support the right of all families to have equal respect, responsibilities, and protections under the law.  We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference. We strongly support the passage of hate crimes legislation.

            6.         We strongly support each person’s undeniable ownership of his or her own genetic profile which cannot be shared without prior explicit permission.

            7.         We strongly support funding for affordable licensed childcare for all Wyoming families.

            8.         We strongly support funding for programs for prenatal and early childhood intervention and development practices that promote meaningful lifestyle changes and minimize delays in life skills development.

            9.         We strongly support uniform standards for juvenile detention facilities that will enable courts to better meet the needs of children and families.

            10.       We strongly support collaboration among schools, community organizations, state agencies, and the judicial system to enhance and share resources and information to meet the needs of parents, and children of all ages.

            11.       We strongly support client-centered programs to ameliorate serious problems facing children and families including poverty, mental health needs, violence, inadequate health care, alcohol and substance abuse, and illegal weapons.

            12.       We strongly support programs to address Wyoming’s significant problem with pre-adolescent, adolescent, teen and youth suicide and provide outreach and psychiatric care with ongoing treatment to all Wyoming children, particularly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, sex differentiation disorder youth who are disproportionately affected.

            13.       We are strongly supportive of transgender inclusive policies at the state, municipal and school district levels.

            14.       Home ownership is an important method to stabilize families.  We recognize the need for affordable housing in Laramie County and advocate for the building of these homes.  We encourage participating in the Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program, and like programs that encourage affordable home ownership in Wyoming.

            15.       We strongly support the pursuit of the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical use and the use of hemp products.

            16.   We oppose using private facility companies to house or detain inmates, including undocumented immigrants, and the transfer of inmates out of state.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party recognizes that a thriving agricultural sector is vital to the nation’s balance of trade and economic strength.  With this principle in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions: 

            1.    We strongly support retaining public ownership of public lands and oppose transfer of federal lands to the state.

            2.         We strongly support increased investment in scientific agricultural research to maintain preeminence in agricultural productivity and development, including research on agriculturally based fuels.

            3.         We strongly support a prohibition on the feeding of animal by-products to livestock.

            4.         We strongly support agreements between the United States Department of Agriculture and farmers’ organizations to allow farmers to reduce their dependence on federal price support programs; support the transportation of farmers’ small grains from the field to the bin; promote better access to foreign markets for American agricultural products; and improve current international agricultural trading systems to strengthen American agriculture.

            5.         We strongly support justice for the tribal nations.

            6.         We strongly support multiple uses of our public lands and strongly oppose the privatization of public lands.

            7.         We strongly support agricultural programs and policies that aid, benefit, and support small family farm and ranch operations.

            8.         We strongly support full implementation of the Federal Packers and Stockyards Act and the strengthening of anti-trust enforcement in the agricultural industry.

            9.         We strongly support vocational education in public schools for young people pursuing occupations in the field of agriculture.  Curricula should include soil, agronomy and plant sciences.

            10.       We strongly oppose governmental promotion of bioengineering of plants and animals.

            11.       We strongly support the Country of Origin Labeling Act.

            12.       We strongly support the protection of private property rights.

            13.       We strongly support legislation protecting landowners from trespass by mineral drilling companies, and the requirement for companies to have a restoration plan in place which includes landowner input.

            14.       We strongly support labeling of genetically engineered agricultural products.

            15.       We support the growing of hemp as an agricultural product.

            16.       We strongly support stewardship of our national and state parks, historic sites, monuments and wildlife refuges, and environmentally responsible public access to public lands, minimizing additional roads in our national parks and forests and maintaining roadless areas on public lands.

            17.       We strongly support Wyoming’s Constitutional requirement that the state maximize revenues on state trust lands for the benefit of all citizens.

            18.       We strongly oppose the sale or swap of state lands without adequate public notice.


            The Laramie County Democratic Party is committed to protecting our natural resources while creating jobs, preserving habitats, and ensuring future generations can enjoy our nation’s outdoor heritage. From investing in clean energy to protecting our air, land, and water, protecting the environment is a top priority.   With these principles in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions:

           1.            We strongly support the responsible development of our natural resources to create clean energy jobs here at home while encouraging conservation, reducing energy waste, and protecting the environment.

            2.         We strongly support the enforcement of state and federal environmental laws and other efforts to prevent pollution and protect and enhance Wyoming’s valuable natural resources of clean air, water and unspoiled landscape.

            3.         Where oil and gas resources are developed, we strongly support the mitigation of impacts to local communities with protection for surface property rights and the environment.

            4.         We strongly support use of quiet and clean snowmobiles in Wyoming’s public parks and on public lands.

            5.         We strongly support an adequate state fund to clean up abandoned mines and contaminated sites, including efforts to secure funds from the federal abandoned mine land program, and voluntary remediation provided any such clean-up fully protects the public health and welfare.

            6.         We strongly support repeal of Wyoming’s self-audit law as ineffective in meeting the goal of environmental remediation.

            7.         We strongly support the reduction of waste through the provision and use of recycling services in Wyoming and Laramie County, including instituting curbside recycling and expanding the range of recycled materials.

            8.         We strongly support development of a comprehensive energy policy incorporating protection of diverse ecological resources, efforts to address climate change, higher fuel economy standards, and other efforts to enhance conservation and promotion of alternative energy production, including the development of any proven forms of clean coal technology, coal gasification, carbon sequestration and tax incentives for renewable energy such as wind, solar and bio-fuels.

            9.         We strongly support strict enforcement of regulations to eliminate odor and adverse effects on water quality for factory hog facilities and large cattle feedlots.

            10.       We strongly support reasonable local water conservation measures to combat drought.

            11.       We strongly support funding for water aquifer protection plans and increased efforts to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species within Wyoming.

            12.       We strongly support cooperation between the State of Wyoming and the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service to properly manage the wolf population within the state.

            13.       We strongly support private and governmental efforts to establish and protect sage grouse.

            14.       We strongly support efforts to prevent and mitigate the ecological impact of the various species of beetles infesting Wyoming forests.

            15.       We strongly support efforts to reconnect children with nature including incorporating outdoor education into the public school curriculum.

            16.       We strongly support the adoption of an RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) for Wyoming. We support a 25 percent goal of total energy produced in the state to be from renewables by 2025.

            17.       We strongly support our workers and communities in the energy sector who have lost their jobs, urge our elected leaders to provide assistance to them and their families, and oppose the payment of bonuses to executives whose decisions have killed jobs.


The Laramie County Democratic Party believes the United States should work with allies and partners to establish an international order that advances peace and prosperity by building three key pillars of American global leadership: a prosperous and inclusive economy, an unsurpassed military strength, and an enduring commitment to advancing universal democratic values.  With these principles in mind, the Laramie County Democratic Party takes the following positions:

            1.         We support an end to the current state of permanent warfare in the Middle East.

            2.         We strongly support making multilateral diplomacy the cornerstone of our foreign policy including the continued membership and active participation in the United Nations.

            3.         We strongly support pursuing all foreign policy objectives within the bounds of international law.

            4.         We strongly support use of the United States military force only when all other options have been exhausted while securing the broadest international cooperation possible.

            5.         We strongly support basing our relationships with other nations on a shared commitment to justice and human rights rather than short-term economic or strategic objectives.

            6.         We strongly urge the Veteran’s Administration State Military Department to provide all necessary services to support the veterans who have served our country.

            7.         We strongly agree with the prevailing scientific opinion that climate change must be limited to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius and we support limiting global greenhouse gas emissions with a comprehensive international agreement such as the Paris Climate Treaty of 2015.

            8.         We strongly support free and open trade with all countries who share our commitment to justice, human rights, fair labor practices, and environmental standards and ensuring reciprocity in all future trade agreements.

            9.         We strongly support legislation to protect citizens from identity theft.

            10.       We strongly support attacking the root causes of terrorism by working to resolve the economic and geopolitical circumstances and historic disputes that foster hatred among people of various faiths, ethnicities and social classes.  We recognize that military force has an important, but limited, role in the complex struggle against terrorism.

            11.       We strongly support the active cooperation of international law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

            12.       We strongly support civil liberties and due process as elements of our system of government that must not be sacrificed, even for the sake of security.  We strongly oppose the destruction of our Fourth Amendment rights through unwarranted and unconstitutional monitoring of individuals and their communications, and the collection and storage of personal information whether by governmental or private entities.

13.       We strongly oppose the use of torture or inhumane treatment, including water boarding, for all those held or detained by the government.

            14.       We strongly support upholding the Right of Habeas Corpus for all those held or detained by the government.

15.       We strongly support the need for a well-regulated militia as stated in the Second Amendment, and also strongly support protecting our individual right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.

16.       We support a ban on assault style weapons similar to the federal Act in place from 1994-2004.

17.       We strongly support adequate funding for all first-responders.

18.       We strongly support closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and moving those held as enemy combatants into the United States to be tried through our criminal justice system.

            19.       We strongly oppose spending state taxpayer dollars to send legislators to legislative conferences financed by American Legislative Exchange Conference (ALEC) and we support mandatory public disclosure of any and all ALEC-written and/or sponsored legislation that is proposed by members of the Wyoming Legislature.

            20.       We strongly support the divestment of state funds from companies, organizations, and nations supporting genocide, human rights abuses or terrorism which are not currently on the federal list.

            21.       We strongly support justice for tribal nations within the borders and jurisdiction of the United States and around the world.

            22.       We strongly support the earning of college credit for the classes taken, certifications, and equivalent experience hours taken, earned, and/or completed during U.S. military service.

23.       We strongly support the enactment of policies that oppose the interference by foreign actors in U.S. elections and investigations when such interference is alleged to have occurred.

24.       We support pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, including DACA recipients and their families.

25.       We support keeping the families of all American-born children together in the United States, regardless of the documentation of their parents.

26.       We hereby adopt “The Party Brave” as the official song of the Laramie County Democratic Party.

Delegates to the 2018 Laramie County Democratic convention adopted the above platform. 

Revised and Adopted May 5, 2018.